Repainting one’s home is a major undertaking, given that it takes time and money to do so. Homeowners must have sufficient funds allotted to repaint their house so that they could end up enjoying a high-quality paint job.  But is there a recommended frequency for having a house repainted? How often should a homeowner have his house painted?

Painting experts say several factors come into play when deciding how often a home is painted. These include the quality of the existing paint job, the weather condition and climate in the area where the property is located, how the property is maintained, and the general orientation of the home or the rental property.

General estimates on the longevity of a house paint job

While several factors affect the longevity of a paint job, there are still general estimates as to how long a paint job can last. Below is the general rule of thumb used by most contractors, depending on the painted surface:

  • Paint on cement fiberboard can last from 9 to 14 years
  • Paint on a wood siding can last for about 5 years, especially when unstained
  • Paint on bricks can last for up to 18-20 years depending on maintenance
  • Paint on Stucco can last about 4 to 5 years
  • Paint on an aluminum siding can last a minimum of 5 years

The above-mentioned frequency and timeline are prevalent in most properties in the United States, however, there are still some elements that could affect the durability of the paintwork. For instance, extreme weather conditions could affect the exterior paint of the house. This is especially true in homes situated along coastlines where the sea breeze can have a chemical reaction on the paint. The same goes for areas that are too hot and humid.

Where the building faces also have an impact on the durability of the paint job. those oriented towards the northern direction tend to last much longer than those facing the opposite side. Paint experts blame the harsh ultra-violet rays of the sun for the quicker wear and tear of the home. If you need additional help choosing the right paint color for your home, check out the article above.

Signs that a house needs to be repainted

If the homeowner is not aware of when the last paint job was done in his home, then it is best to watch out for the following signs that a house needs a repainting:

  • The existing paint job has faded.
  • There is noticeable peeling of paint.
  • Bubbles and blisters are found on several surfaces.
  • There are hairline cracks in various portions of the painted surface, and from there the existing paint job starts to flake.
  • The painted surface produces a chalky powder when touched.

Apart from the reasons stated above, a repaint is also in order when trying to sell or rent out the property. Make sure to get a professional paint job, and resist the urge to do it yourself, or hire an amateur that charges way less. The experience and expertise of a professional painting contractor are worth every cent of payment. Contact us at The Better Painting Company today to get an estimate for your next paint project.


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